Asus RT-AC68U With Conflicting MAC Address - Prevents Adding to AiMesh

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Previously, I had flashed 2 TM-AC1900 to RT-AC68U routers and had them running in AiMesh for couple of years now and no major issues. Last few days, I was trying to add another AiMesh node to the network to get better WiFi coverage at the back part of the house, but was not successful. This 3rd router was also flashed from a TM-AC1900 to RT-AC68U. The network recognized the new node and tries to add it, but the process would fail after 30-70%. I get the standard message (“Someone else is trying to set up an AiMesh system. Please wait 1 minute …”, etc.). After troubleshooting quite a bit, I noticed the new node I was trying to add to the network has a MAC address different from the address printed on the back of the router. In fact, the MAC address is identical to the address for the AiMesh router. I believe this is the reason why the process of adding another node failed (2 routers with same MAC addresses). I tried resetting all 3 routers and even making the 3rd router the AiMesh router and the other 2 routers as the AiMesh nodes. The process would fail again when I try to add the AiMesh node that has the same MAC address as the AiMesh router. Has anyone else come across this? How do I get the router to be identified by its assigned MAC address so I can add the 3rd node. It’s really bizarre how the router (3rd) is being identified by another router’s MAC address. I’m not a networking expert (or even that knowledgeable) and would greatly appreciate any help from you experts out there. Thanks!


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No help on converted TM routers on this forum.


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