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ASUS RT-AX55: difficulties with 5GHz network on iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy A54

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Hello everyone! I use the ASUS RT-AX55 router and have encountered the following problem with the 5G network: my iPhone X is not working stably with the 5Ghz frequency. The speed does not rise above 100-150 Mbps, although my channel is 1 Gbps. However, if I reboot the phone, the speed on Speedtest immediately becomes around 500-600 Mbps. After some time, this situation repeats. I also have a second phone - the Samsung Galaxy A54, which does not see the 5Ghz network at all. The firmware version of my router is
Go to router's settings, set fixed 2.4GHz channel 6 at 20MHz, set fixed 5GHz channel 36 at 80MHz. Try again. Share the results and we'll go from there.
My Samsung has started to see the 5GHz network, and I am also seeing no problems on the iPhone X
Your router was set on Auto channel and working in DFS range above channel 48. Non-DFS range is 36-48 and 149-161 (if available in your country).
On 5GHz channel 36 guarantees compatibility. You are perhaps in Europe, 36-48 are limited to 200mW. If it works well for you though - keep it this way. If you need more range and your devices are compatible - experiment with channel 100. It allows more power in most places, but not guaranteed to work well. On 2.4GHz just select the channel with more available bandwidth. If channel 6 works for you - keep it this way. This band is usually more crowded, use 20MHz wide channel. Don’t change the rest defaults settings.
If you want to get close to Gigabit wired and possibly >600Mbps on wireless to close AX client - keep your router’s configuration light. Keep QoS disabled, AiProtection may also limit your throughout. This router has entry-level hardware and may not keep up with Gigabit with all firmware options enabled. Don’t focus on speed tests and don’t worry about online bufferbloat tests. Just use it and find more enjoyable things in life than playing with settings.
With the router settings or with the advice to find more enjoyable things in life? :)

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