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ASUS supported DDNS?

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I currently have my GT-AX6000 running the official firmware set up to use Google Domains DDNS so I could use a custom domain for DDNS. Google sold their Domain service to Squarespace and I got an email today telling me that DDNS will stop updating as Squarespace doesn’t support it.

Basically using Google Domains won’t work. Looking at the list of support DDNS servers I only recognize a couple and I don’t think any are that good.

I’ve used dyndns.org and no-ip.com in the past, but both are actually more expensive than buying a domain name.

What’s the best one in this list to replace Google Domains?

I've had the same email, but I'd already changed my name server hosts (nshosts) initially to Hurricane Electric, and more recently to Dynv6. The advantage of Dynv6 is that I can set an IPv6 prefix and populate clients based on their MAC addresses.
*I'm just using the simple HTTPS-initiated call to set the addresses and for the moment faking the "success" response.
*Using the "IPv6 update" on the DDNS page hasn't worked with any domain that I own, returning an error and not setting the address, so unless anyone knows different you'll probably need to write your own little /jffs/scripts/ddns-start script.
Dynv6 doesn’t appear to be one of the ones that ASUS supports as I’m running ASUS‘s firmware, not Merlin‘s.

I just recalled I have a Raspberry Pi set up so I could run a DDNS client on that. My public ip address changes maybe once a year so that could work.

I’d really like to continue to use the hostname I set up through Google Domains. I’m not sure if there is a way to do that once I becomes an “A” record as opposed to a DDNS record.

It looks like CloudFlare would work, though I’d need to use the Raspberry Pi to update it. https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-port-forwarding/
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Just using an "A" record any of the free services that allow you to use your own domain should work.
Visit the config page for your Google Domain
Select "DNS" in the left-hand menu
On the right-hand side of the page click on "Custom Name Servers" and then Manage Name Servers.
Having done that you can delegate the management of your DNS to a third party - there are some help/explanations you can find in links on that page.
I’ve used dyndns.org and no-ip.com in the past,

no-ip is still free - yeah, they need you to check in once in a while...

dyndns.org - well, that's complicated based on personal experience...
I paid no-ip $8.00 for 12 months. When that is up I'll go back to their free service unless they have another sale...

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