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AX86U vs AX 86S vs AX6000

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I see the AX86U on sale for $280 CAD and AX86S for $180 CAD vs AX-6000 for $320?

Is the $100 (+$13 tax) worth it for the U, or even more for the 6000, which is a nice price, considering the AX86U is usually $350 here!!

Using an AC68U now without issue, but better to replace something when there is a sale, vs using till it dies, then having to get whatever is on the shelf for whatever price.




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If you need a 2.5G port, the GT-AX6000 seems more logical with that pricing, though one may out perform the other based on environmental factors.

GT-AX6000 performs worse for me subjectively speaking (WIFI), but has a faster/newer platform. A lot of people here say its an upgrade from their AX86U. The hardware was more snappy at least.

If you don't need a 2.5G port, then sure.. the AX86S has identical WIFI performance to AX86U assuming you get the same FEM combo. (Its RNG with Skyworks and other brand for the 2.4G portion for both AX86U/S based on FCC certification). There also likely a tolerance factor, but that shouldn't impact much.

AX86U obviously has a stronger CPU (for SW oriented task), more ram and will last a bit longer, though we can also argue that new WIFI7 hardware needs to be marketed and sold 2 years down line... It's been in distribution channels since last year.

6E was hyped and nothing really came out of it on client end. (Most of its use is wireless backhaul, same with UNII-4 bonding.) Good luck.
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Will eventually be discontinued, but ASUS likely still has a stock pile of older radios/cpus scattered around to last another year or two.

Worse comes to worse, they heavily discount current Gen1 hardware and or delay a certain model from being updated. IE: AXE11000.

From how I see it, Broadcom hardware is multigenerational and stuff like 4912 and 4916 will end up in WIFI7 platforms.

Given how terrible WIFI6E/UNII-4 client adoption is, I have a strong feeling ASUS WIFI7 hardware will end up as a ultra premium $600+ USD option to sell alongside Gen 2 AX hardware.

Cant see WIFI7 being mainstream unless one of the big 3 (Qualcomm, Broadcomm, Mediatek) ends up undercutting and selling both AP and client HW en masse. TPLINK's PR pricing is a joke.


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Asus does not manufacture routers. Most are made by Arcadyan along with other brands and models.

Right.. and suppliers can work with or outside of the manufacturing bubble.

Companies like ASUS will generally get a pricing deal or "exclusivity" on components. They do this with AUO sourcing specific "exclusive" LCD panels regardless of working with competitors and having multiple OEMs also making monitors.

I highly doubt Arcadyan is a middle man for Broadcom. The relationship/partnership is likely close between the three companies. ASUS should have its own inventory count supplied within Arcadyan factories and theres likely a purchase amount agreement/contract somewhere down the line.

Same goes for other industries. An example: Back in 2003-2013 Logitech and Razer used to have specific CMOS sensor exclusivity of specific branded 30x30 Agilent (Later sold to Avago) designs which end up in their own pile, regardless of multiple brands sharing a specific factory and that same factory supplying the public variation to other smaller brands.

Not saying ASUS is getting custom Broadcom hardware, but you get the gist. At least..there should be a reason they haven't swayed away from using mostly BCM based hardware. hmm..
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Sale on again. Might go for AX86u since I’m stock at Best Buy. Haven’t seen pro models anywhere in Canada yet. AC68u still running ok but nvram getting close to full with latest firmware versions. Also things seem to break on me when there are no sales going on. :|

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