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Upgrade from AC68U (AX86U, XT8?)

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New Around Here
Hi all,

Just wanted to get some advice on where to go from an old AC68U. I'm getting ok performance, but I know the AC68U is getting long in the tooth, both speed and security wise.

TLDR: Within my budget at this time, I'm looking secondhand either a single AX86U or a 2-pack XT8 (both similar prices I've seen).

I recently had 1.5gbps fibre installed so looking to maximize that speed across the house (acknowledging I won't get near that with wifi and device limitations). I live in an old brick bungalow (about 2000sq ft when including finished basement. All the network equipment is centralized in an electrical cabinet in the basement.

This is the previous topology I had with my previous 100mb cable service:
Cable Modem -> AC68U router -> TP-Link 8port switch -> 12-port pinch panel for Ethernet outlets around the house. On these outlets, I have either direct connect into PCs or into another router (TP Link C7s) set up as access points to get better wifi coverage (APs set to same SSID)

After installing the fibre, I'm now set up with:
- the included router/modem (Bell Giga Hub - Sagecom Fast5689E) as the main router (not utilizing its WiFi network for now)-> 2.5gbe 8port Ethernet switch -> 12-port pinch panel for Ethernet outlets around the house including a single AC68U in AP mode on the main level under our bed to have it out of the way

I got rid of the multiple routers in AP mode as it appeared it was just saturating and got bad speeds in multiple areas probably staying connected to a router that wasn't the closest. I've found just the single AC68U, I get 125-500 in most areas in the home. That's also the reason I haven't been using the built in wifi of the giga hub; I thought to set it to the same SSID as the AC68 for roaming, but found that got mixed results too; right now I've left it out of the equation.

I'm looking at picking up an AX86U to run it possible with the AC68U
Picking up a pair of XT8s and just use those. With their design, I can see being able to have it more in the open rather than under a bed. I know these have gotten mixed reviews here, but I'm okay with tinkering with firmware to find a good config.

Other suggestions welcome, but not looking to break the bank!

Thanks all!
Welcome to the forums @barrist.

Whether you're talking about the (original) RT-AX86U or the recently released RT-AX86U Pro, I would not recommend them today. The former will be stuck on firmware (and eventually dropped) while the 'pro' will get firmware but is not a balanced hardware offering with the single 2.5GbE port it offers.

I would suggest using the existing wiring and infrastructure to centrally locate a GT-AX6000 instead for the best performance and stability with your new 1.5Gbps Fibre ISP installation.

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