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BE98 Location Setting

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Hi, I just got my hands on the BE98 (non-Pro, UK version), since the transmit power (esqically for 6 GHz) in the EU is way too low, so I was changed the location code to Australia
nvram set location_code=AU
And it seems like
nvram set 1:ccode=ALL, nvram set 2:ccode=ALL, nvram set 3:ccode=ALL
do not work on this router (it use to work on my AXE11000). This is quite frustrating because Australia does not permit channels 116-128, so my 5G-2 can only be set to 80MHz. Also the transmit power for the 6GHz seems quite low as well.
I then tried to change the country code to the US, and the transmit power for the 6GHz band is great, but for some strange reason, only my Samsung S24 Ultra and ROG Ally (MediaTek MT7922) can find the 6GHz channel. My PC (Intel AX210) and iPhone 15 Pro Max cannot find the 6GHz channel at all. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for your help.
Consumer routers sold in the US and EU (including UK) are not permitted to allow changing the Wi-Fi region settings. In most cases the settings are locked down in the hardware now and cannot be changed anyway. Any discussions regarding circumventing these restrictions are against the forum rules and the posts will be deleted.

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