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GT-BE98 Pro, IPsec problem

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I am also having an issue with VPN, but using IPSEC or the ASUS Instant Guard.

I connect fine to the VPN server using my device and can see all internal devices on the LAN, but cannot browse the internet while connected to the VPN.

I imagine it's something with the DNS settings. On the client side (Samsung S23 Ultra), I set up using IKEv2/IPSEC MSCHAPv2 and installed the CA Certificate exported from the router settings. As I indicated, the phone connects to the VPN and I am able to connect to internal devices on the network, such as an Unraid server, NVR, etc.

If it is a DNS issue, I am not sure how to fix it. Everything is default within the DNS settings for both the GT-BE98 Pro and the VPN settings on the phone.

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