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Best Asus-Netgear Router mid-high

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Hi all,
I'm looing for a new mid-high end router around 300€.
I have looked at many, with reviews and articles and really can't decide.
What I have found are this models:

What I need is a good router for gaming with low latency, internet speed and good wifi performances, also the wifi range is important.
I was focused on the Asus AX86U but I know is 2 years old, maybe something better has been release in the meantime.

Thanks to everyone want to help!!
If you currently have a router you could bypass some of this and focus on WIFI using an Access Point instead. You can get an AP with WIFI6 for ~$150 or 6E for ~$350 if you're in a congested area which you should scan with a wifi analyzer app on your phone or PC to figure out.

Low latency is determined by what's on your network internally but, mostly by the ISP / routes to the servers you're trying to reach. Router just translates your internal to external IP and most can do that pretty well w/o paying for "gaming" tax.

Using an AP internally my pings are sub 1ms from machine to machine.

Pings to say google avg 14ms.
The RT-AX86U is still a great router. Everything else with superior hardware is in beta testing, currently. :)

Current Order of Recommended Routers Late 2021

The model that may prove to be superior (and is currently available) is the GT-AX6000. Newer firmware will tell.

The model that will eclipse anything available today (when it's available) is the GT-AX16000. But I will only consider that if it gets RMerlin support (if ever).
Consistent latency can be achieved by turning off settings like ampdu aggregation. Other things depend on your use case. You may want to look into getting a dedicated gaming AP if you have a lot of devices.

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