Cannot block internet access to devices on guest wireless networks


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Attempting to block internet access on guest networks results in the message " is not a valid IP address!" Non-guest network is 192.168.1.X.
Also attempting to change the icon also results in the same error message.


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Use GN 2 or 3 instead. GN1 uses a different subnet than the main network and hence, the error is shown.


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Using aimesh with Lastest Merlin firmware.
I have never been able to block internet for devices connected to GN1. Tried through web GUI in the aiprotection parental controls time scheduling or through the Asus app. Router interface shows the device is blocked, but internet still work on device connected through GN1.

But if I move device to GN2, which has same subnet as main network, then it can block internet for devices connected to GN2. Is it because GN1 uses different subnet?

Problem is only GN1 can use aimesh nodes, GN2 cannot. So I prefer to use GN1 over GN2.

Can someone confirm if this is a firmware bug or its supposed to be like that?

Both router and aimesh node are AX86U with latest Merlin.

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