Cant delete manual IP assignments in DHCP

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AC66U-B1 running AC68U 384.19
VpnMgr is my only script

I cant seem to delete any static IP assignments that I have made in LAN->DHCP SERVER. My syslog shows no errors ( such as the not enough mem error that others have seen in this instance). My DHCP leases in SYS LOG->DHCP LEASES show new IP leases for devices that should have static IPs.
Ive tried nvram unset dhcpd_static nvram commit.
Im at a loss I figured Id ask before starting over.
Oh, and everywhere it the GUI that says "WAN" now says "VAN" and everytime I try to enter the device name "Roku" in an assignment it changes to "year"
Any sage advice will be greatly appreciated.
Is there a way I can clear out all of my static assignments without having to do a system reset?

I installed and ran YazDHCP figuring that it would defibrillate NVRAM, then uninstalled it and now everything seems to be working. The engineer in me hates serendipity, I sure would like to know why this worked.
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Think you had that spelled incorrectly.
Thanks, good catch, you are right!
While I'm fairly certain that I tried to unset the dhcp_staticlist in the [DHCP Settings], I typo'd my message above. Beyond the proofreading though, any ideas why I was having the problem?

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