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DNScrypt cant start/uninstall dnscrypt

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New Around Here

i installed dnscrypt (via AMTM) on my RT-AX58U, but it does not start up and i can't uninstall it.
Since that my guest wifi's with VPN (YazFi) are not working anymore :-/
Can you help me how to uninstall it manually?


Merlin 388.2_2
dnscrypt 2.4.8


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same result also when i run

curl -L -s -k -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thuantran/dnscrypt-asuswrt-installer/master/installer && sh installer ; rm installer

how to remove it manually completely from router?
I recommend:
In the SSH terminal, issue the command service stop_dnscrypt-proxy; rm -rf "/jffs/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-proxy".
Then "Uninstall ALL" option of the installer, other wise labeled option 9.

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Here is the solution, please do not create duplicate posts when requesting or seeking help. Please follow the rules of the forum.

uninstall was working now, thank you!

BTW - dnscrypt is working normally on my RT-AC86U (other location), but not on my RT-AX58U...
It seems to have a love hate relationship with that particular model router. That one, and the RT-AX56U. Other users had reported it was working just fine in the past. It looks like I am back to no other choice but to mark those models as no longer compatibe.

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