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Mr. Nightsea

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Dear all,

I´ve recently got the Asus RT-AX88u router from my family, living in Europe but I'm living in S.America.
Does any of you know if it's in anyway possible to change the region of the router so I can use it without problems here in S.America, channel-wise?
I'm facing problems now, regarding this. :/

I've flashed with the latest Merlin-Firmware..hoping I could realize this with this firmware...unfortunately I can't find any option to do this.

All the help/suggestions are well appreciated.

Mr. NS


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Merlin is no different than stock firmware in this regard. The only routers that you can change the region of are selected models sold in China which have a "Region" setting in the Wireless > Professional.

I suggest that you just work out what channels are allowed in your country that are also present in the EU and manually set them in Wireless > General.

Mr. Nightsea

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I've set a channel manually.
Another problem I have, I've setting manual DNS servers. Set these up in WAN, but also in LAN, turns out that no matter what server I use, those of my VPN service, Cloudflare, Quad9, etc... according I'm always using a DNS server in Germany. F-up because i noticed this gives a slower performance than with my former router and was connected to a better/other DNS servers.

If anyone has some suggestions regarding this behavior, great!

Mr. Nightsea

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What is showing as your DNS servers?
Hi @Tech9,

I've started a separate thread for the DNS problem here:

Please, weigh in if you have any suggestions.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
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