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Solved Customize default System Log | General Log web page with grep?

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I am aware of and familiar with Scribe, but I‘m curious if it’s possible or if anyone has already created a customization to the ”System Log | General Log” Web page that allows for filtering what displays in the log content window using grep??

Reason I ask is, when running Scribe / Uiscribe, I find the Ram usage is considerable and my goal is to see if there might be another way to filter the logs that is more efficient.
There is already a filter list in /www/ajax/logFilter.json that can be copied (e.g. to /jffs), modified and then run mount -o bind /jffs/logFilter.json /www/ajax/logFilter.json to take effect.
Thanks for the response @dave14305. Any reference anyplace on how to modify the json?
Thanks for the response @dave14305. Any reference anyplace on how to modify the json?
No, this isn’t really meant tobe changed by users. Just follow the existing structure, minding the commas at the end of the lines, except for the last entry in the list.
Making the changes as noted in post #2 of this thread worked, THANK YOU!!

Now what would be really cool would be if there was an option on the General Log Web page of the router to enter the filter strings instead of having a hardcoded file. Is that an available option anywhere?
To make the change persist across reboots, add to /jffs/scripts/services-start:

if [ -s /jffs/logFilter.json ]; then
    mount -o bind /jffs/logFilter.json /www/ajax/logFilter.json
    umount /www/ajax/logFilter.json 2>/dev/null
Then run
chmod 755 /jffs/scripts/services-start

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