Different versions (?) of RT-AC66U B1 HW Ver B2 causing Mesh Issue


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I am trying to setup a mesh network with 3 ASUS router, all RT-AC66U B1 HW Ver B2, but i am not able to connect the 3rd and oldest one of them to the network, not as a mesh node or router.

The old one is built in 2017 (triangle label) and two are new (square label) purchased just for the soul reason to be used as mesh nodes (was a 50% deal). The other two connects and are forming a perfectly working AiMesh network, i tried both the stock firmware and now Merlins version.

I am aware that the source for AiMesh is closed but i just wanted to know if anyone here have seen this issue and might even have a solution.

Below you have pictures of the two models of routers, very slight differences but the easiest way is to look at the label form



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I had same problem with my one of two 66u B1 I have to RMA the falty one. New one connect just fine.

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