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Suddenly not able to access 2 routers in two different locations remotely

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Hi All. For some reason, i am unable to access 2 routers (68u 386.11and ax88u 388.2_2) running the latest Merlin build. I discovered the issue when opening my ASUS router app on my android to check on something (like i obsessively do) App wouldn't connect to either of these routers.

Both units are setup to use https on port 8443 and have been working fine until now. I use asus DDNS service and use the domain names to connect. Both routers are also set to respond to pings and i know that they are online responding to pings. Other apps on my networks are working fine and broadcasting (nest cams etc).

I find it curious that two routers in two locations are having an issue at the same time. If it was just one, i could chalk it up to something random but both of them seem to be a little odd.

Decided to post here to see if anyone has had anything similar happen recently.
Likely Asus DDNS service gone bonkers again. I had issues last week and switched to No-Ip.com
Thanks for the reply. What's strange is that when I ping my asuscomm.com ddns address, it resolves to what seems to have been my dynamic IP address from att fiber for some time. I feel like it's something else router side that won't let me connect to the Asus router UI. It just won't connect.
Well, it may not just be Asus DDNS. Just checked my IP address with a DNS search and they did not match. I made a couple of changes to the router today and likely got a new WAN ip address that did not register to the web. Could be the firmware (which I've already reported to Asus).

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