DLNA/UPnP subtitle support?

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Does Asuswrt-Merlin Media Server support sending subtitles to the device? I can't make it work. The file and device is fine, subtitles worked DDWRT. Maybe I am missing something or there's no support for subtitles on asuswrt/Merlin?


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What router are you running? What firmware, specifically?

What optional features and scripts, if any have you enabled or added from the defaults?

After flashing RMerlin firmware onto your router, was a full M&M Config performed without using saved config files to setup the router again?

Please see my signature below for further details on getting your router to a good/known state with the M&M Config and Nuclear Reset guides.


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Router: RT-AC68U
Current soft: Asuswrt Merlin 384.14_2
Yes, I have followed M&M procedure
No optional features and scripts. I haven't touched any options bseides those regarding USB Servers Center.

My guess is that Asus soft doesn't send the subtitles but I would be glad if someone could confirm that.


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Was the M&M Config performed after flashing current firmware indicated, and, what did you change in USB Servers Center? :)

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