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Does Asus AC5300 OpenVPN server support connect with IPV6 network?

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I have started the OpenVPN server and bound a global IPV6 address to my router (AC5300, Merlin 386.11), .
I can connect to the management page throw its IPV6 address. I just want to know, if I can connect to this VPN server embedded in this router with its IPV6 address or not.

How have you bound an IPv6 address to the router?

Do you mean connect via the IPv4 address? Yes.
Thanks for your reply. I just need to connect it via its IPV6 address.

My network provider supports IPV6, and they gave me a dynamic public IPV6 address. I enabled the DDNS service, and I can find its dynamic IPV6 address.

I tried to connect this router's VPN server on my VPS(ipv6 supported), but it didn't work.

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