Skynet Does Skynet clear syslog automatically? And some other questions...

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There used to be a time when this was basic knowledge, but I can't remember nor can I find it. When going through my logfiles, I noticed that at a certain point in history every time the log entries of Skynet are missing. Now I'm wondering: does it do it's own periode cleaning and store its logs elsewhere or is Skynet silently quitting on me periodically and does it only get restarted when for instance a cronjob is started to update banmalware. I have a feeling inbound blocks are also way lower then they used to be, but as my VPN provider has also taken measures using Netfilter, I'm not sure what's causing the lower amount of inbound blocks. As @Adamm is gone unfortunately, does anyone else know whether Skynet has watchdog to make sure it's running and stays running?

Last but not least, does anyone have a script to have the Skynet stats to mailed on a daily bases? Or would anyone be willing to help me with it?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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