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Advice pls - DSL-AC88u as Adsl bridge into an RT-AX88u

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Hi, I have searched but not found (or recognised) any guides on how to set up a DSL-AC88u as a Modem (bridge?) for a VDSL input into a newer Router.

The dsl-as88u is currently running my home network on the Plusnet VDSL line

I have a new Fibre line installed which I will be using the new RT-AX88u PRO into WAN and running the network via it.

I want to use the Dsl-ac88u as the secondary WAN Aggregate via a LAN into my new RT-AX88u Pro.

Is there a guide anywhere on how to set the DSL-ac88u as a modem and have the RT-Ax88u Pro recognise it.

WAN aggregation questions will them follow :)
You cannot use WAN aggregation with two different internet sources. WAN aggregation requires that both ports are connected to a single gateway device that supports LACP.

However, you can use Dual WAN with two different internet connections, in either Load Balance or Failover mode.

Sorry, I don't know how to put the DSL-AC88U into bridge mode, but you probably wouldn't gain much by doing so.
Sorry yes Dual Wan not aggregation. Wrong terminology on my part.

Load balance is Plan A
I’ve used various ASUS routers, I don’t believe the DSL models have the bridge functionality, only the RT models have it.
Welcome to the forums @Avinitlarge.

I believe you are correct!

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