External DNS CNAME records takes precedence over LAN SMB hostnames :-(

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If the below fictitious information was true:

ASUS router's Internet DNS CNAMES: SUPER.NET (

LAN SMB Workgroup name: SUPER.NET
LAN device hostname: HASSIO (

When I ping HASSIO from any device on my LAN, instead of it pinging, it pings (SUPER.NET),

How do I configure my ASUS router to tell all LAN devices to resolve HASSIO as I already set up my router's DHCP to manually set the device's hostname/MAC with the IP address:

Ever since I created the Internet DNS CNAME's... they take precedence over internal hostnames; even when I explicitly defined them on my Asus router's DHCP config. The only way I can override this is by manually editing the HOSTS file on each one of my Windows PCs. I would like to do this on my router instead.
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A workgroup name is not a (DNS) domain name. They are completely different things. Workgroup names don't normally contain dots. To avoid confusion I suggest you change it back to WORKGROUP (upper case).

You can enter the domain name of your local network under LAN - LAN IP. It would probably be super.net (lower case) in your example.

After rebooting your clients (assuming they are DHCP clients and are using the router as their DNS server) you should be able to nslookup hassio.super.net


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Thank for explaining. Actually, the domain name for my LAN was (and still is) SUPER.NET. I didn't need to change that. That wasn't the issue. I've kept the same SMB workgroup name (with a dot) for over 30 years on all my LAN configs... dots are valid characters for SMB workgroup names, although uncommon.

The problem was I was telling the Asus router's DHCP server to use as my primary DNS. I basically caused my own problem.

After changing my DHCP's DNS1 to use and DNS2, respectively... or simply removing both DNS1, DNS2.. letting the router work the way it should.. the problem was resolved!

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