File transfer capability of RT-AX86U between dual HDDs, both plugged in USB 3.0 ports ?

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Anyone tried to move/copy big files (20-40GB) like a 4K movie file between 2 HDDs both plugged to USB 3.0 ports of RT-AX86U ?
- With 4x 1.8Ghz cores & 1GB ram can it handle this file transfer between HDDs ?
- What's the speed of this kind of file transfer between plugged HDDs ?



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I would not expect blazing fast data transfers from USB drive to USB drive. My guess is that you will get between 50 and 75 Mbps. Others can chime in with their opinion.
Actually, I disable the USB3 feature to reduce the risk of interference with the 2.4 GHz WIFI band. I do use a USB2 thumb drive in one slot to store some cell phone pics I sync to AiCloud. Otherwise I use a NAS to store data. A Raspberry Pi 4B as a NAS would be better for what you are trying to do and faster data transfers, too.
Oh, for external drives make sure they have their own power source. Thumb drives and some SSD's are OK to use with router power. But and drive that has spinning rust you need to have them externally powered as the router just does not have the extra power for them.


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I'm already using dual HDDs plugged in to my RT-AC68U without any problems but can't transfer any thing BIG between them :rolleyes:


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I also ran into issues when performing file transfers between USB connected drives on my RT-AC68U. My setup has 7 USB drives connected to a powered USB hub that plugs into the USB 3.0 port. Interesting thing to note is that when using firmware, these type of file transfers worked on the RT-AC68U.

RT-AC86U use to be my main router but was replaced by the RT-AX68U. Now RT-AC86U serves as my file server/mesh node (replacing RT-AC68U). Performing large transfers (30+ GB) between USB drives works fine without the file transfer failing, but the transfer speed is much slower.

Although I can transfer files directly between USB drives, I almost never do this as the transfer speeds are around 19-35 MB/s, while when transferring files from one of the USB drives to my laptop or pc is ususally 50-75 MB/s.

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