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Gigabit Wan in Netgear Wnr 845T

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At the moment I'm favoring Netgear products. The wnr 854T has got 5 gigabit ports, 4 for the LAN and 1 for the WAN. The new Wnr 3500 router has 4 gigabit LAN ports but it doesn't have a gigabit WAN port. Is this a major disadvantage in terms of performance? As I'm more more concerned about wired than wireless, should I get the Wnr 854T? I'd greatly appreciate someone explaining the advantage of gigabit WAN.

I'm hesitating at the moment because the Wnr 854T has a horrible record of reliability and the Wnr 3500 seems to supersede the Wnr 854T but it does lack the gigabit WAN port. If I get the Wnr 3500 will I miss the gigabit WAN port?

Thank you for your help


Will we see a review of the Wnr 3500?
Gigabit Ethernet = 1000mbps.

Most high-speed connections are around 3 - 30mbps.

You do the math. GigE on the WAN won't make any difference, unless of course your plugging the WAN into an existing local switch or router of some type for special network configuration. But for a regular home connection, if you're plugging the WAN into your Cable/DSL modem, there's no point. Also keep in mind that both sides of the equation need to be GigE, so your Cable/DSL modem would also need to have a GigE port, which they wont. In which case, it will just autonegotiate down to 100mbps.

No point.
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