Solved GT-AX6000 fine tuning after initial setup


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Hi everyone!

Got the GT-AX6000 up and running yesterday.
Running ASUS stock firmware (for now).

Is there a recommended post-initial setup guide for fine tuning optimization?
Got everything set up, but Wireless Advanced settings look daunting (especially the Professional tab or whatever its called).
- I don’t have any AX devices in the house (yet), so can I optimize anything for WiFi in that regard besides turning the AX function off (which I did)
- Why does Guest WiFi on “slot 1” have no access to the Internet but Guest WiFi on slots 2 and 3 do? o_O



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There is no universal optimal settings. Fine tuning is according to your unique Wi-Fi environment. If you don't know what the settings in Wireless Professional do, leave them on default. GN1 is different, used for AiMesh GN to nodes. Better use GN2, if you have one router only. Keep the router on stock Asuswrt, if you don't need advanced VPN configurations or plan to use Custom Scripts. New code base 388 stock Asuswrt has many Asuswrt-Merlin features built-in. It will be available for your router by the end of the year.

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