How to check the cpu temperature in the LTS Fork ?


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I have installed the latest LTS Fork firmware on my RT-AC66U.
In the administration\temperatures page I only see the radio temperatures, if I recall correctly in the past there used to be also the cpu temperature. Or am I mistaken ?



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This router doesn't have CPU temp probe, as far as I know. I have one MIPS AC66U and I've never seen CPU temp reported.


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I just use one of these

CPU temp is higher than heatsink temp. This is the main issue with AC86U routers - poor heat transfer. With heatsink at 60C the CPU may be at 90C.


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What, the region specific AC86U ?

Every AC86U. This router won't survive Asus claimed 0-40C operating ambient temperature. Read more here:



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I guess We are doomed with these standard temps.


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Some are not as lucky as you. Read the entire thread. This router has other common issues too.

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