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Intermittent Partial Lockup of AX86U

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So I'm running 388.4 on an RT-AX86U, though this behavior dates back at least two prior firmware versions. I have 12 wired devices, 23 mostly IoT devices on 2.4G and maybe 5 or so 5G devices.

Every 10 days to 2 weeks, I have a "partial lockup" of the wireless router where devices show as connected, but can't communicate to the Internet or the LAN. For example, today I worked several hours on my laptop, connected wirelessly on the 5G network. I got up and after a few minutes, tried to use my iPad connected to the same 5G network. It showed as connected, but actually couldn't connect to any site. I went back to my laptop and its still working fine, no issues Internet or LAN. Can't find anything in the logs, though of course I don't know when the behavior actually started. In the past, I've seen up to half of my devices disabled. A reboot seems to fix the issue.

Anyone seen similar behavior or have suggestion as to where to start troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance!
I would maybe install 386.7_2 and do a full reset and see if the problem also occured on that firmware as 388 seems not to be as stable.
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