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I have two Asus routers the RT-AC88U and the RT-AX82U, my question is how these two routers work together, one has AC and the other AX, I have bought an iPhone 13 with Wifi AX and it is the only AX device in My network, when I connect it to the wifi, it appears to me as 5Ghz, as I know that it is working in AX mode, or in mesh mode both routers work as AC because the primary router is AC?

Another problem I have is that in the router logs I have many entries like these:

Kernel: (MAC ADRESS NUMBER) not mesh client, can't delete it
Kernel: (MAC ADRESS NUMBER) not exist in UDB, can't delete it
Kernel: (MAC ADRESS NUMBER) mesh client, can't update it's ip

What do they mean? Do I have to worry? One of those devices is the iPad and from time to time I get disconnected from the Wi-Fi.

Thanks for the help.


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The iPhone will use AC connection to the AC router and AX connection to the AX router. If wireless AiMesh is used, the routers communicate between each other with AC backhaul, limited by the AC router capabilities. Wireless AiMesh will cut the node throughput in half since the same radio is shared between the clients and the backhaul. The node is similar to wireless repeater. Don't worry about the log messages.


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But I have the Aimesh connected by ethernet cable, I don't do the backhaul over Wi-Fi, and in reference to the logs, the problem I have is that those devices at some point run out of internet.

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