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Aimesh dropping WiFi

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I am having trouble with my WiFi. Recently setup 3 nodes and a master, all are RT-AC86U.
One node is connected to my DSL-AC88U the other 2 nodes and the master are connected to a netgear GS724T managed switch.
The nodes don’t seem to be dropping, just the WiFi.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it?

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Is it only a problem with guest Wi-Fi? If so you need to configure your switch to pass tagged VLAN packets.
I’m not using guest WiFi. To eliminate the switch, I’ve temporarily bypassed it. I’ve been running a ping test, pinging my wired desktop, all the nodes, an AP and google every 5 seconds, this is after 5 hours from a laptop connected to a node and it doesn’t appear to be as bad as I thought 🤔

Does anyone know what is going on here? 5g is fine, 2.4 is all over the place. I’m ready for binning the lot 😡

Start over and get one wireless router working. Then build out one step at a time. Watch out for an AC86U acting weird... it has a history of losing power regulation and the 2.4 radio or radios in general.


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