Multiple static wan ip's (Centurylink) Need advice


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Hello All, this is my first post.

In my research on how to avoid using a centurylink issued modem to use my block of static IP's I found this thread for my setup. They switched my fiber line a while back to use PPPOE and stopped using IPOE - LAME right? This happened because of the death of PrismTV in my area. So my options to continue using my Block of 5 Static IP's are A- Get my ASUS router to play nice or B- Get a CL modem that has the block of Static IP's function..... Aside from this option centurylink issued modem are well. Poop.

SNBForums - Multiple Wan via 1:1 Nat

It seems to be working pretty well. I was able to map my PBX server with ease. I just wanted to see if there was a newer or modified solution. This original post and solution was from 2014.

My planned setup and devices:

Asus RT-AX58U running the latest Merlin - this gets its IP automatically from the ISP via PPPOE. Centurylink modems have options for single statics or Block of Statics blah blah....
Wifi/DHCP is off.

My wifi is going to be handled by a set of eero 6 mesh. This has a static lan IP assigned connecting it to the ASUS. This is the router handling DHCP for the actual network. Its acting as a client because eero does not support PPPOE. (Dammit Centurylink)

3 Debian Linux Servers for my web, mail, plex and some other services
1 Centos FreePBX appliance.

If anyone out there has a goodbetter solution I'll buy the beer.


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Do you pay CenturyLink for the static IPs? Try this (and cancel those when you do):

IPv6: Get yourself over to Hurricane Electric and do the FREE IPv6 course.
THEN - use your login credentials to set up DDNS for an IPv6 tunnel with them (don't forget to claim your /48 !!! Plenty of subnet space for you that way, now and for the forseeable future) the first 3 levels of the free "certification" course and you'll see what I'm thinking. (I'm inferring from your post that this should be well within your comfort levels if not in your wheelhouse)

Your router will play nice. And if you move or change ISPs, you just update your endpoint IP in the DDNS tunnel, and everything else SHOULD populate if it needs to update

I accept Bitcoin and Tezos if this makes sense & works out for you. DM me for my address

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