Need Modem: Xfinity: 1Gb/s speed tier because no one watches TV anyway in my home..

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I trust you guys a lot with this stuff.
We are dropping TV/Phone from the big C and just getting high speed internet.

I want to buy my own modem but there are a lot of choices with Docis 3.1, 3.0 etc.

I have an Asus Merlin 5300 and I plan on using that for awhile and then expand using Asus I guess to get a mesh going.

I'd like suggestions on models so I can order this week before I cut the TV and stuff and take advantage of it day 1.

Note: I game a lot and the family is on youtube and discord too. I'm hoping the higher speeds helps with faster downloads of game patches.

Let me know what else I need to provide to help pick a good reliable modem.



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What you are looking for is a DOCSIS 3.1 spec modem [].

Also, higher speeds means your family might hit the monthly cap (1.2TB) faster. So plan ahead on paying extra for unlimited if you choose your own modem, vs the XB7 modem they give you with the Gigabit "XFi Advantage" unlimited plan. It's a bit cheaper with their plan, and you can put it in bridge mode and use your Asus router. Their modem has a few hidden home security networks that continually broadcast and you can't turn them off but they remain unused. You can also go to your account settings on the Xfinity page and turn off a separate Xfinity wifi sharing network [].

If you choose your own gigabit modem, then you obviously wont have to do any of that, but you also won't get the same discount on unlimited. I would recommend the SB8200 [] to go with your Asus.

two good links:


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forgot to add:
some people live in areas that do not have the monthly cap. You may be one of those people. (North-East coast States I think)

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