New router to replace Netgear R7000

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Looking for a new router to replacing my aging R7000. Although it still works OK I’m tired of playing firmware roulette with this thing. Last year I updated to a firmware that made it completely unstable. I rolled back to an older firmware and that mostly solved that except for an issue where a few times a week all the 2.4ghz clients will just disappear until I I reboot it. I’ve tried other firmwares and had other various issues, and I’d rather not depend on running an old firmware just to get this thing working.
For specifics we have Spectrum 400/20 service (usually get 450 down though). We live in a 2200 square foot two-story house. Everything I care about speed for is either 5g or plugged directly into the router. The 2.4ghz clients are all either IOT devices or Wyze cams.
The bottom floor where the router sits is very open, so with 5g for the most part I get 450-380 down on most of the first floor, except parts of the master bedroom where I get in the 300-200 range. Upstairs I get 300 in most areas with a few areas of one bedroom where it falls to like 200. So I’m pretty happy with my speeds for the most part. If I’m ever unhappy there is a network drop near the router and one upstairs that are for some reason just hooked together directly, so I could just stick an AP up there if needed.
So what I’m looking for is something that can provide me similar coverage to what I’m already getting with the R7000, but that is well supported with new firmware that doesn’t turn the router into a piece of crap every time I update. I’d also like something that has decent parental control features. Bonus points if it doesn’t look like an alien spider in my living room, but that isn’t a deal breaker.


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I had Asus 86u, Synology 2600 and Netgear R7800.
If you are not planning to become early AX routers beta-tester, then I would suggest Netgear R7800 + Voxel firmware.
This combination has been rock solid for me.


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Actually ended up with a couple of Eero plus’s. Happy so far. We’ll see how it goes. If these don’t work out the Synology setup is next on my list.

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