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Not compatible with RT-AX82U ?

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New Around Here
Hi :)

I have a problem with my RT-AX82U (stock firmware but the last one). The GUEST WIFI network is on the LAN network (all devices can see each others and connect on it, all are on the same subnet IP).
I discover this 2 years later! It's a crazy problem.
I don't find any explanation and solution, but I found someone speaking about MERLIN, that I didn't know.

Unfortunatly, it seems there is no version of Merlin for my WIFI AP : https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Supported-Devices

Do you know if in the future it could change?

Thanks :)
Thanks for the link!!

Ah, so it's this... Yes I'm in AP mode.

Do you know if MErlin can provide a real Guest network in AP mode?
If you use something like pfSense/OPNsense as your main router/firewall a proper AP with VLAN support is the way to go.
In this case perhaps running your own router in Router Mode is the better option. In AP Mode you lose almost all available features on it.

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