OpenVPN client cant access local web addresses but VPN and RDP connections work


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When setting up OpenVPN TUN connection via DDNS, I can connect to local servers over RDP and OFC connect to VPN. But local web servers and ping doesn't work.
With TAP I can connect to everything, but connection is stuck after disconnecting. And when trying to reconnect the connection is refused. Probably a DHCP issue.

Any clues before I post screenshots?


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Just verifying. With target machine you mean the VPN client (my laptop)?
So this is not caused by not having any static routes? Why would client firewall clock this when it works with OpenVPN TAP?
I dont run firewall on either client or server.


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Just verifying. With target machine you mean the VPN client (my laptop)?

It is not clear what you are talking about. I'm assuming you have a VPN server running on your router. On this router's LAN is the web server you are trying to connect to. From a remote VPN client (your laptop) you can access most of the devices on the LAN, apart from this one web server. Correct?

If the above is true the you need to look at the firewall and/or ACL on the webserver machine. The reason it is not a problem with TAP is because that is bridged connection whereas TUN is a routed connection. For a TUN connection the VPN traffic comes from a non-local address (e.g. 10.8.0.x) whereas TAP traffic is local (e.g. 192.168.1.x).


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The OP may find the following useful.


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