OpenVPN Server Connection Notifications?

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Hi all, thanks to this helpful community I’ve used several notification scripts to send me emails on certain situations: WAN or VPN down, Skynet reports etc. Is there such a script that would email me for connections to my OpenVPN server and also email on “attempted” connections with wrong passwords etc? I’ve searched the forum but I didn’t see any unless I had the wrong search syntax.


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You can add the following content in the "Custom Configuration" of the OpenVPN server:
client-disconnect /jffs/scripts/your_notification_script
client-connect /jffs/scripts/your_notification_script

However, according to the manual, it will not run the script when a client that enters the wrong password tries to connect.
Read more:


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Saweet! I didn't realize you could add the custom config scripts like that. Thank you so much for this!

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