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I will share here the padavan-ng build I make.
No magic or voodoo here, i'm just git pulling this fork

No extra features, bare minimum for routing (I consider VPN part of routing) and being able to serve as http cache/layer7 http routing if you add additional storage.
I do not provide support for any of the images, but these images fits my need that consist of :
- 130Mbps/30Mbps WAN traffic.
- VLAN managed by core switch.
- AP used only for guests forced at 54Mbps.
- Serve as TFTP to flash netgear switches.
- Serve as local DNS, including local domain and selective lying (blocking ads at DNS level).
- Serve as DHCP(v6) server.
- Filter forwarded and outgoing packets in both IPv4 and IPv6, QoS managed by core switch.
- Serve as linux repository cache.
- Serve as steam cache
- Serve as filtering reverse proxy, allowing to share port 443 for multiple machines and services.
- Serve as SSH relay
- Site to site OpenVPN

With this usage, router performance are most of the time limited by memory, not CPU.

This is intended for people than somehow cannot compile it themselves.

Compile time feature set :
IPv6 : yes (Use script to set proper firewall rules, IPv4 is the past, NAT is not a firewall)
XFRM IPsec modules : yes
USB : yes
FUSE : yes
swap : yes
USB-Serial : yes
IPSet : Yes (but not guaranteed to work)
NFSv3 : if enough space
WebGUI lang : English
File systems other than ext4 : no
Printers : no
tcpdump : yes
hdparm : yes
Parted : no (use another machine to create your partition table)
Samba : no
WINS : no
FTP server : yes
EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP auth support : yes
HTTPS for DDNS client : yes
HTTPS support : yes
sftp-server : if enough flash space
OpenSSH instead of dropbear : If enough flash space
OpenVPN : yes
Strongswan : yes
Wireguard : yes
Elliptic Curves : yes
openssl binary : yes
Multimedia binaries : no
Transmission : no
Aria2 : no
Tor : no
Privoxy : no
DNSCrypt proxy : no
Stubby : no
WPAD support : no
ZRAM support: yes
ADB package : no
LUA support : no

Missing a feature ?
A) Compile it from source.
B) The project is open source, contribute code.
C) Pay a developer (If i'm interested by the same feature, we can split the invoice)

Missing a build for your router ?
I can build it for you using the latest git version, if upstream supports your router, using the settings above.
The image won't be tested, it's at your own risk. (I still did not manage to brick an ASUS router, should be okay)

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