Problem with asus firmware and download master

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asus firmware with download master, they don't dowload any private torent anymore, i'm subscribe to private torrent site, still download master won't downlaod them.

any fix in the works?


New Around Here
Thanks for reply
RT-AX58U(RT-AX3000) with firmware merlin 388.1.0
Looks like it's broken(like you said in December 2022) in the last version of download master v3.xx(DHT and PEX disable) for the private torrent, but not for others torrent

RT-AC1900P(RT-AC68U) with merlin firmware v386.1.2
My old RT-AC1900P with merlin firmware, got old dm v2.x, i didn't update to the latest version of( DM v3.xx and DHT and PEX disable) on the RT-AC1900P, and all worked private torrent and other torrent

P.S. I'm subscribed to the torrent private site and loggin in web browser ,when doing the testing

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