Problem with RT-AX53U


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Hi there!

So i recently bought this router but i am having some problems. I have it in acces point mode and named the wifi networks the same as my normal ones.

It runs fine for quite some time but then it breaks down. Both wifi networks shut down (leds also of) and when i check the router status i see 2 of the 4 cpu cores maxed out.

Restarting the router brings it all back for a period of time. But i never keeps on working.
The issue seems to happen the most when i use my pc (connected via cable) for some online gaming.

I have the latest asus firmware and ressetted the device but that never fixes it.

When i check the log it says "kick out msg fail" over and over again.. the log is so full with thes message that i cant go back far enough to see if anything else happend

Anybody might have some troubleshooting tips for me?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi! I had the exact same problem. The temporary solution was to disable the 5 GHz frequency. If this solves your problem (temporarily), then maybe we have the same cause. As for the cause, I apparently had a problem with the router power supply. After some room rearranging I messed up with the power cables of the router and the ONU terminal (very dumb, but that's it) and the router was getting 0.5 Amperes instead of 1.5A. I think this was the reason, coz it was fixed by turning off the 5 GHZ frequency, which is very demanding to power. I put the cables back in place and everything seems to be fine now. I don't think you mixed up the cables, but maybe something happened to your router's power supply. I'm not sure of my guess and continue to monitor the router's behavior. If there are any updates, I'll post. Sry for my English, it's not my native language.


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Hi !

Wel you actualy where not far off at all. A faulty power adapter was the problem.

Switching it out fixed everything.

Amazing how simple it turned out to be

Thank you for you reply

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