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Not even sure if this is a Merlin question but the issue came up a couple days ago when I upgraded the Merlin from RT-AC86U_386.1_0 to RT-AC86U_386.2_0 (just tried RT-AC86U_386.2_2 see if it changed and it has not).

Up to 386.1 the time schedule for a given machine was a nice easy to use and understand visual interface.


now I've got this when I click to edit a particular machine:


Is there some setting that got nuked? Any way to get back the usable interace?



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I believe it's an upstream change by Asus. I've seen other people commenting that they don't like it.


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I think they now allow other than 'hourly' start/stop times, so the graphical interface really doesn't fit well anymore.

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