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New Around Here
Hey all!

So I'm currently having a weird issue with my setup so I'm looking for some suggestions for an upgrade most likely.

My current setup I have is my AX88U is my main switch, followed by my AC66U I use for my gaming consoles and game setup (mostly play on PC so my 88U handles it) and my AC68U that handles my smart home devices.

My issue I am currently experiencing is slow response and drop outs with my devices on the network. My guess is I have about 80 or so WiFi smart devices that might be too much for it. Even just trying to operate in the router settings it can sometimes result in the pages loading like a old dial connection.

I have already hard reset the device and no difference. After a bit it just comes to a crawl, so either the device is dying or my guess is there is just a lot of devices on it causing it to slow down.

My question currently is, what suggestions would you have and if I was to upgrade the router, what would be a recommended one for what I'm trying to achieve?

I was looking at the AX68U but for a bit more I can just get another AX88U currently or am I over thinking it.

Thanks in advance!

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