RT-AC5300 no 2.4GHz


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So I have a few of these and this particular one I reset and set up and gave to a friend who need a good router and my assistance. Flashed latest Merlin. Everything looks good and normal except that the wireless icon in the GUI is half lit and sure enough the wireless settings reflect that the 2.4GHz band is not up and running. Power cycled and also reset to factory via the WPS button to no avail, same issue.

I know that I've read about people having issues with 2.4GHz and the RT-AC5300 before so my question is, is there a fix/cure to this software-wise or is it a hardware defect? If it is a hardware issue, has it been isolated and is it possible to fix or is this effectively a RT-AC5300 downgraded to a 4 port switch now (hope not)?


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