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RT-AC5300 - TLS slow

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New Around Here
My firmware is 384.8_2 and I have this problem.
I have dual WAN active with two different ISPs (as in photos).
When I activate an ISP everything is good with TLS and web pages, it loads quickly.
But when I have both ISPs active, I have a slow TLS and slow navigation and can take up to 50 seconds to load a net page that loads in 2-3 seconds normally.
Are there any settings to fix this problem?
Thank you


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What are each ISP's speeds that you're paying for? Are they equal?

How many concurrent users are you testing with?
The first ISP is 1000 Mb Up and 450 Mb Down
The second ISP is 1000 Mb UP and 500 Mb Down

There are 4 desktop computers and 2 Smart TV in the house, and the problem is present on all devices.
I tested with one computer online and the problem is the same.

I do not have this problem with the firmware RT-AC5300_380.70_0

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