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Bug? "Trigger Port List" cannot be entered in HTTPS mode for 386.12 (RT-AC5300)

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Once I switched to HTTPS administration interface, the Trigger Port List frequently could not load the dialog boxes correctly and therefore there's no way to add new entries.

This is what it should look like when working (works consistently in HTTP, most of the time not working with HTTPS):

This bug comes and goes as I refresh
, including many F5 or clicking around between pages.

Could it be some sort of mechanism that timeout too early when loading dynamic contents? When I load the router up with goodies like spdMerlin, the 'Status tab' in 'System Status' box in 'Network Map' might occasionally look garbled (which can be refreshed).
This is an old bug related to HTTPS support with a self-signed certificate, and is completely random. It mostly occurs with Google Chrome, and a refresh usually makes it go away.

This is probably related to this long-standing bug in Chrome:

Thanks a lot! Brave/Chrome/Edge all behaves the same. I tried Firefox and it seemed ok so far so I'll use Firefox exclusively for router admin pages. Will let you know if it happened again in Firefox.

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