RT-AC68U Repeater Problems since 386.*

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Evil Hubie

New Around Here
I've been running two RT-AC68U routers together, one running wirelessly in repeater mode with separate SSID.

Unfortunately, since I updated to the 386.* versions, I've been having issues when I'm connected to the repeater. Multiple times a day, I'll lose the connection to the gateway and the internet. I'm still connected to the repeater, but I can't ping or access anything beyond that.

These lost connections seem to occur for anywhere from around 10 seconds to a few minutes. They *seem* to go away if I disconnect and reconnect to the repeater.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Very Senior Member
Re-flash both routers using Rescue Mode.
Afterwords set them up as new. Set second router as Repeater and see if your issue has been resolved.
But first, redownload the firmware, incase the first time your download it was corrupted.

Ronald Schwerer

Very Senior Member
I had a similar problem trying both Merlin 386.1_2 and 386.x ASUS ASUSWRT. I also noticed that the repeater's GUI said the Security Level was "Open System". That alone caused me to go back to Merlin 384.19. And before I also get the above suggestion, I did check CRC checks (SHA-256) before installing. Also did a factory reset and reconfigured.

BTW, is your repeater connecting to a Guest SSID on the main router? This also caused problems causing me to go back to 384.19 on all my stuff (RT-AX3000, 68U Node, 38U Repeater). Luckily I made settings & jffs backups on the repeater and router before updating to 386.

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