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RT-AC88U AC3100 Connect to internet via WIFI in Router Mode

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New Around Here
Hello everyone.

I just bought a RT-AC88U AC3100 router and I have a crazy setup in my home. For various reasons which are not important my main ISP ethernet cable is on the hallway and I can't extend or move it. There I have the ISP provided router that gives me WIFI.

Now my question is can I set up the RT-AC88U to connect to the internet via the ISP Router WIFI and still be in Router mode?

If I use it as a repeater it will lose most of its useful functions. AP mode needs a cable connection, AIMesh needs 1 more RT-AC88U router I think.

Is there a way to do this without having to add a WAN ethernet cable into it?

If I can't can I do it if I flash it using Openwrt instead?
IMHO what you want to do is not possible with any standard SOHO router I am aware of. You are going to need to either run an Ethernet cable to the AC88 which is by far the easiest and best solution or other possible options:

1. Use powerline or MOCA adapters to connect the two routers.
2. Use a third router and set it up as a wireless media bridge into which you would plug your AC88
Asuswrt does not support Wifi client mode.
Thanks @CaptainSTX

I have this router https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-ar750/ which I use to travel with and has this feature. Was hoping I can do the same with my RT-AC88U.

Are you sure the the travel router can do what you want and that is use WiFi as its WAN connection?

In following your link and looking at the on line setup instructions all I see are four modes: router, 3G/4G modem, tethering and repeater.

The ASUS router you have can replicate these four modes plus acting as a media bridge.
The tp link TL-WR802N or TL-WR902AC are pocket devices that can perform the needed function of connecting your asus to your ISP router wirelessly and much more for small investment. I have several of the original TL-WR702N and the TL-WR802N and they are like the swiss army knife of routers and fit in your shirt pocket.

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