RT-AX58U Firmware Bugs?

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New user for Asus RT-AX58U has found a couple of issues:
1. In 'Network Map | Clients' changes to the DHCP are not automatically updated.
In 'LAN | DHCP Server' I have set fixed IP adresses for all my equipment.
I then changed the address of one item.
The network map show two items are in use for the one address and only refers to the original item. It does not update to show only one item now uses this address.
You have to reboot the router to get the correct display.
2. When rebooting you lose the conncetions, but the PC does not automatically access web pages again.
You have to reboot the pc in order to restore the connection.
This is a first for me. I have previously only used ISP provided routers. It is disappointing that a purchased one cannot perfrom the same way.
3. Despite manaully mapping all the devices in 'LAN | DHCP Server', you still have to individually reset the DHCP settings on each device before it can work with the new router.
I found that changing to another address, then back to the desired one worked.
All except for Sky which no longer connects to the internet for some strange reason.
The firewall is off.


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Regarding your first issue, did you try to click Clients on the Network Map tab, and then the Refresh button on the Client Status panel on the right? This may help.

As for your second issue, do you mean that, when you reboot your router, the PC does not automatically connect to WiFi? Or it connects, but cannot obtain an IP address?

As for your third issue, what do you mean under "reset DHCP settings"? Renew the lease after manually assigning an IP address? Then it seems pretty normal to me.

And, finally, if under "firewall" you mean the router's firewall, I highly recommend not to turn it off.


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If I could see a refresh button I would have tried it. Even now looking for it I cannot see one!
When you reboot the router you lose the connection, as expected; however in order to restore the conncetion to your PC you have to reboot the PC.
I have never had to do this on all previous routers. Is there a refresh button for this too!
With the firewall on non of my intranet gains access to the internet. As I cannot find a specific port map to set up some open ports, I have no choice but to disable the firewall.
Sky now works. I had to change the IP address so the router then advised it had three devices on the same port (which it didn't). Then disconnect Sky. Set the IP to match the DHCP one set on the router. Reboot the router (and consequently the PC), then connect the Sky box. This then was seen as the only device and I got internet access back.
It appears that the router requires you to disconnect all equipment and to reset it locally before being able to deal with it. Again ISP routers have always been plug and play.


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Again ISP routers have always been plug and play.
Indeed, and this should also be the case with this router. There is something seriously wrong here. It should never be necessary to disable the router's firewall just to allow normal LAN clients to access the internet.

Either there's some bug(s) in the firmware, the router is configured incorrectly, or the router is simply not compatible with your ISP's equipment.

If I could see a refresh button I would have tried it. Even now looking for it I cannot see one!
If you click on the blue "button" above where it says "Client:" do you not get the "Client status" list and Refresh button?

I am not familiar with the Sky ISP setup. Can you describe what ISP equipment you have and how it is connected to the Asus? Also, do you have any other network equipment connected to your router, e.g. switches, access points, etc.?

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