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New Around Here
I'm being driven mad with AirPrint not working from an OpenVPN Client connecting to OpenVPN Server(s) running on my ASUS AX88, Merlin Build 384.19.

What's working:
- 2x OpenVPN Servers (1 UDP on subnet XXX.YYY.51.00, 1 TCP on XXX.YYY.52.0)
- Server Config. includes split tunnelling (LAN & WAN access for Clients)
- OpenVPN Clients connecting to both Servers from off-the-LAN; Internet access is ok
- Canon 3200 AirPrint Wireless Printer; on-LAN connected to the AX88 with a static IP XXX.YYY.50.25
- On-LAN wireless printing works
- There's a Static Route from both VPN client subnets (XXX.YYY.51.0 & XXX.YYY.52.0) to the LAN Gateway (XXX.YYY.50.1)
- Off-LAN, connected VPN Clients can ping both the a) LAN Gateway and b) wireless Printer (XXX.YYY.50.25)

What Not's Working
- When connected by the VPN, I try to Print but can't see the Printer (via AirPrint). If I use the Canon App on iOS, when I try to print, it says there's a communication issue (with the printer).

I've done loads of research on trying to understand how AirPrint works; it seems Port 631 needs to be open (and 5353 for UDP & 5354 for TCP?).

I'm struggling to open the firewall Ports on Merlin. Trying to set the Inbound Firewall Rules for the above, when I use XXX.YYY.50.1 (Local) & XXX.YYY.51.0 & XXX.YYY.52.0 (Remote), I get an Error Message saying 'IP Not Recognised' when adding to the rule-set.

Can someone please help me by explaining:

a) how to properly apply the Inbound Firewall Rules (unsure these are actually needed if I'm already connected over the VPN with Split Tunnelling and can successfully ping the gateway and printer directly when off-LAN?)

b) why the Printer can't be found over AirPlay when on the VPN even though the printer is connected to LAN; and on-LAN printing is ok ?

I'd really really appreciate someone helping to put me out of my misery with this! Does it need a CLI command line-level tweak of the router config.? Is there a bug with the Inbound Rule Setting?

I realise there are other options - like Google Cloud Print - but I'd just like to get this working without going that route if possible (especially if it's all down to me doing something stupid) !

This might be of interest to you, especialy eibgrad 's suggestion


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