RT-AX92U and 1GB speed on hard wired devices

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Hello everyone, I have a question and I am looking for some help. I have the Xfinity 1GB plan and a Arris SB8200 3.1 modem. I was wondering if there were any special settings I am missing to get the 1GB speed on devices I have hard wired with CAT 6 cables? For some reason I am only getting about 500mb to my Nvidia Shield and its the only device I have connected. I assume this is an Xfinity problem as I have seen others complain about it. Just wanted to be sure it was not user error before I talk to Xfinity for the 100000000 time about my low speed for my plan. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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Thanks. I have tested straight to my desktop and laptop, same speeds. always around 500. I started out with the 300mb plan when I had cable. I had this equipment and was getting 940mb on the 300 plan... which I know makes 0 sense. I then changed to the 1GB plan and it went way down. I just didnt know if there were settings I was missing on the router in regards to the lan ports. I am just trying everything I can. Xfinity cant come out and check the inside due to covid. They changed the lines outside and it did nothing.


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Unfortunate they won’t come in with their test set. Had them do this pre-COVID and was able to isolate a dying WAN port on my AC88. That is when I got my AX92 and made the AC88 an AiMesh node.

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