Sigh... If Asus can ever fix dual WAN

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It's well known that Asus' dual WAN feature does not work reliably. The symptom is - if you unplug the (WAN) cable from the router, the router will react properly. However, if the problem was somewhere more upstream (towards) ISP, the router may or may not react properly.

Though the feature is not complicated, but the fix doesn't seem to be easy because:
1) It seems nobody wants to touch it because it was poorly coded and "scattered throughout hundreds of thousands of lines of code". Trying to fix it might break something else.
2) Asus doesn't think it's a nice-to-have rather than must-have feature.

With people work from home (and learn from home), Internet reliability is more and more needed. I subscribed to two ISPs for higher reliability. However, lacking a reliable dual WAN feature is the deal breaker. I had no choice but to look at some less popular solutions (such as Synology RT2600AC, etc.).

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