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SMB/NFS USB Disk Share on AiMesh node

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I couldn't find the option to add a NFS share on AiMesh node (I found the option on the main router). The node router is a RT-AX88U. Is there a restriction on AiMesh or can we open a feature request for it?

On the other hand wondering if there is a way to set SMB v3, I only found v1/v2 or v1+v2.

The router doesn't support SMBv3 because the version of Samba that supports it is too big and bloated to run on the router.

What version of the firmware are you running on the node? You would have to be able to directly log into the GUI on the node to see the NFS option (if available). I'm not sure that's possible when running an AiMesh setup. Remember that NFS is not part of the stock firmware so Asus' AiMesh options will not know anything about it.

Perhaps you could temporarily configure the node as a simple access point (not AiMesh) and then log into it to setup NFS, then switch it back to being an AiMesh node.
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