[Solved] How to adjust "Internet Access Blocked" for non-connected devices


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I have an Asus RT-AC86U router running current Merlin Firmware Version: 386.5

All devices have an assigned fixed IP address via LAN/DHCP Server.

In Network Map/Client Status, I set several devices to “Block Internet Access = Yes”.

I want to adjust which devices are Internet Blocked but in Network Map/Client Status, I can only see devices that are currently connected to my router.

Is there a way to display/edit the devices whose Internet Access is Blocked regardless if they are or are not currently connected to my router?

Thanks in advance.


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Excellent .. thank you GSpock ..

I had to hunt around to find "Time Scheduling" as I've never had need to go into Parent Controls .. and relating Network Map / Client Status to Parent Controls wasn't obvious to me.

Thanks again.

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