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Spotify connect broadcast multicast across both wifi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

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I have multiple Spotify connect players (raspberry PI with mo0de audio) connected to my RT-AX82U using Gnuton firmware.
The players connect to only the Wired network are always available for spotify, but, the players connected to the Wifi seem to loose the connection on a regular basis.
And then can not be seen anymore to be availble in my network.
My 2.4Ghz en 5Ghz have the same name.
The raspberry devices are mostly connected to the 2.4 Ghz network (raspberry pi3)
Most other devices connect to the 5Ghz network. It looks like somehowe the spotify-connect broadcast is not repaeted correctly to the 5ghz network all the time.

ANy hints on how to fix/and or troubleshoot?
Broadcasts are network specific? And multicast is 1 to many which can be layer 3 or layer 2. Why do you think they are doing multicast? I am just interested. I have no idea about ASUS.
I know about multicast in switches.

But you might not be aware of mulitcast at the application layer...

I'm not a big fan of IGMP treatments at the LAN/WLAN level - I'd turn them off, and let multicast do what it must - on most home LAN/WLAN's, it's not much traffic relative to the other traffic, and one can always do some QoS management around broadcast in any case...

IMGP snooping/proxy on a large enterprise level network - that's another discussion...
You have to code to multicasting on the switch as one switch port is feeding multiple switch ports. Otherwise, it is just udp with multiple sources and multiple destinations and you are not saving any bandwidth like real multicast. Also, the switch needs to support multicasting which I am not sure these consumer routers do.
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Dealing with Spotify gremlins can be a head-scratcher, right? I had a similar tango with my setup. Try checking router settings—maybe tweak multicast settings? Also, I split my 2.4GHz and 5GHz with different names. Sorted my hiccups. And you can buy spotify plays here if you need it. Good luck!
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